Webinar: Access opportunities with ADS Toulouse – 10 Nov 2020

Join our upcoming webinar to discover the benefits of becoming a member of ADS Toulouse to grow your business and influence.

Hosted by the ADS Toulouse team, find out how we can support you and your business through the continuing COVID-19 crisis, and the UK exiting the EU in 2021, ADS Toulouse continues to offer crucial business development services, and a bridge into the heart of the European aerospace industry.

With a 20 year-track record of growth, we offer in-house expertise and insight into the sectors that matter most to your business, facilitate introductions to French industry leaders, while raising the visibility and the influence of your company within the French aerospace scene.

With a growing and diverse active membership, join us to find out more and how you can make the most of being an ADS Toulouse member.


10 November 2020 (10:00 – 11:00)




10:00  Introduction to ADS Toulouse Team

10:10  Who are ADS Toulouse and the benefits of membership

10:20  Overview of the French aerospace industry in today’s world

10:30  Membership value (current member case study)

10:40  2021 outlook and planned engagement programme

10:50  Q&A

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