ALA Launches Corporate Social Responsibility Program

ALA – Advanced Logistics for Aerospace is pleased to announce that it has launched its first Corporate Social Responsibility program. A new initiative to promote its work in relation to sustainability, accessibility, charity and community.

The global stocking distributor and supply chain solutions provider to the aerospace & defence, energy and industrial markets is to integrate the principles of sustainability into its business models.

Fulvio Scannapieco, ALA President, commented: “There is a new insight in the globalized world: doing business is not only about making a profit, but it is also about having the capacity of sharing the generated value with stakeholders and the surrounding context. Indeed, we are in an era in which growth and development are pursued considering the present needs, without undermining those of the future generations. To create shared value, companies should be able to cope with economic, social and environmental goals with a view to sustainability. Companies believing in this principle strive to integrate sustainability in their own business model. They commit to adopt comprehensive, widespread and clear communication policies going beyond the mere representation of economic and financial results.

ALA has decided to align to these facts voluntarily, and with great excitement, take up the challenge represented by the Corporate Social Responsibility 2019 to support the cultural transformation process that started some time ago. Such process has led the Company to the assumption of a corporate identity aimed at sustainability values. This is about an initial evaluation phase related to the financial year 2019. ALA, which intends to give continuity to such process, expects to obtain constant and durable improvements thanks to the commitment and work done by the whole organization.”

The CSR program has been launched along with the ALA 2019 financial results. The Group’s latest financial statement shows a revenue increase of 14.24% and an even higher increase in EBITDA with a 38.77% increase, when compared with the 2018 financial results.

During the shareholders meeting, the Board of Directors has been renewed, with the confirmation of the Chairman, Fulvio Scannapieco, the Vice Chairman, Vittorio Genna, the CEO, Gennaro di Capua and the member of the Board, Matteo Scannapieco. In addition, Marco Fiorentino has been appointed a new member of the Board.


About ALA 
With headquarters in Naples, Italy, ALA has over 30 years of experience supplying both direct and indirect materials with a growing network of sales offices and operations in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Israel, Turkey, China, India and North America.