Member Spotlight : General Dynamics Mission Systems UK

Member Spotlight – General Dynamics Mission Systems UK



General Dynamics Mission Systems–UK

General Dynamics Mission Systems is celebrating its 60th year in the UK.  Since setting up a small office in London in 1962 to provide support for its avionics mission systems, the business has continued to grow, and is a trusted supplier of advanced electronic solutions for avionic platforms, supporting British and international forces.

Over the last 60 years we’ve invest in and contributed significantly to the UK, national prosperity, and innovation.  Building on our UK roots, we have pioneered cutting-edge technology at our multiple sites, supported small- and medium-sized enterprises and supply chains, joined major collaborations to advance the UK’s capabilities, and helped to develop the knowledge, skills and facilities to ensure those capabilities remain world-leading.

We are the only recognised SMS provider in UK and involved in all current UK MoD weapons integration programmes and research.  Furthermore, we are working closely with MoD to develop the next generation of specialist safe secure avionics computing platforms.

With 700 employees, we have developed strong technical and manufacturing capabilities in the UK, and are an approved defence contractor under the UK Government Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS). We continue to invest in technology enhancements to ensure we provide the latest advanced capability solutions.

Weapons management and control system

Our weapons management and control system comprising weapons carriage, release and stores management provides a complete solution for installation of any air-launched smart or legacy weapons onto a helicopter.  With flexibility in mind, our scalable and highly adaptable solution supports any configuration – from federated to distributed, installed during platform build or as a weaponisation kit post-delivery.

Our experience covers the breadth of weapon system types (A-A, A-G, A-S), and the dominant UK weapons such as Brimstone, Martlett, Freefall LMM and Meteor.

Approved by the UK MAA, our system utilises high integrity safety interlocks developed to RTCA/DO-254 DAL A, in combination with RTCA/DO-178C DAL C compliant software architecture.  Our unique Rapid Store Integration Capability (RSIC) software enables new weapon integration for a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional solutions. Trusted by major helicopter OEMs, our systems are in-service both in the UK and with international forces.

Mission data management, processing and secure storage

The collective capability of our configurable mission data management, processing and storage systems has been key to their selection for use on a number of UK (Wildcat, Merlin) and international (CH-148) military helicopters.  Typical configurations include a mission computer used to host the operational flight programme (OFP), along with our digital moving map situational awareness application (SoftMap).  Capacity also enables it to host our unique software-based Data-Link processor (NetLink) negating the need for an additional dedicated LRU.

Not ignoring the significant volumes of data being created and processed, interconnected will be our high-speed 1TB SSD secure data recorder which is the only data recorder accredited to Secret level by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Recent investment focused on next generation platform data distribution has resulted in low SWAP-C, high end processing capabilities ready for the demands of data fusion and automation with an ability for fast modification, integration of third party software and hosting of AI based applications.


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General Dynamics Mission Systems–UK

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