Creating long-term shareholder value

Oxpera is dedicated to designing and implementing effective M&A strategies for businesses in the Aerospace & Defence Sector.

Oxpera is a boutique corporate finance advisory firm founded with the aim to provide strategic M&A advisory services to businesses in the aerospace and defence industries. Founded by a group of highly experienced professionals, Oxpera strives to help enterprises create and implement an effective growth strategy that helps them achieve long-term shareholder value through the execution of the M&A process.

Focusing on Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

We believe that small and medium-sized businesses are an essential part of the economy. As a result, we aim to work with entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized family-owned and privately owned businesses, and international corporations. Our focus is to assist these businesses with restructuring, transformation, and M&A strategies.

Corporate strategy and development

“Setting Direction”

We are experts in helping our clients develop and implement bespoke corporate growth strategies that find and capitalise on the best M&A opportunities.

Mergers and acquisitions

“Managing the Journey”

Oxpera specialises in running every step of M&A transactions, working closely with companies to identify strategic acquisition opportunities.


“Setting the Price”

Our advisors can carry out valuations on various types of company assets to help our clients address their most complex and challenging valuation issues.

Due Diligence

“Determining the Fit”

Using our robust methodology, we provide comprehensive buy-side due diligence services to help your company make the right acquisition.


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Managing Director

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