Member Spotlight – SATAVIA

SATAVIA is a Cambridge-based data analytics company with the mission of making aviation smarter and greener.

Combining deep aerospace connections with an agile start-up culture, SATAVIA is able to scale quickly and adapt to new opportunities and partnerships. Rooted in scientific and technological acumen and working with leading global players ranging from Microsoft and AWS to Airbus and Safran, SATAVIA embodies an entrepreneurial mindset with the ambition to transform the relationship between aerospace and the environment. SATAVIA’s growing team offers unique SME capacity, ranging from atmospheric science to cloud physics, and from agile software and API development to aerospace project management.

SATAVIA’s technology is powered by 5-DX, a unique atmospheric twin of the entire Earth’s atmosphere that enables decision-making (DX) across five dimensions for applications across multiple sectors. SATAVIA’s 5-DX technology leverages best-in-class data analytics to power high-impact aviation use-cases, preventing aircraft contrails to eliminate up to 60% of aviation’s climate impact (DECISIONX: NETZERO) and enabling smarter, more cost-effective fleet maintenance (DECISIONX: FLEET).


SATAVIA’s 5-DX digital twin offers uniquely actionable insight for all organisations affected by atmosphere, climate and ocean, quantifying multiple parameters from surface to space and informing decision-making across 3-D space, time and probability.

Whether enabling smarter design of new airframes and engines or facilitating high-accuracy atmospheric simulations, DECISIONX:5-DX provides decision-makers with unparalleled insight into the atmospheric environment. In a fast-growing digital twin market forecast to be worth $106bn by 2028, 5-DX offers standout resolution, fidelity, and flexibility, empowering a host of use-cases from surface to space.

Aircraft contrails are responsible for up to 60% for aviation’s climate impact, equivalent to 2% of all human climate impact. DECISIONX:NETZERO enables aircraft operators to prevent contrail formation and associated climate impacts, while capturing benefits through carbon equivalent offset credits. The platform incorporates three components: 1) contrail likelihood forecasting; 2) optimised flight planning to avoid contrail formation zones while simultaneously minimising additional fuel burn; and 3) quantification, validation, and offsetting of contrail prevention activity via an accredited voluntary offsetting platform, creating a new global market worth up to $9bn at current voluntary carbon pricing.

SATAVIA recently participated in Aviation X Lab, a Dubai-based incubator bringing together global aerospace giants including Emirates, Airbus, Thales, Collins, and GE. During the programme, SATAVIA carried out the world’s first contrail prevention flight planning exercise with an airline flight operations division, creating viable flight plans that avoided contrail formation using industry-standard software, and demonstrating potential to save over 100T of carbon equivalent (CO2e) per modified flight plan. SATAVIA is now engaging with multiple operators and stakeholders, and aims to become the industry standard for contrail prevention and offsetting across civil and military aviation.

All mobile and static aviation assets are exposed to environmental contaminants such as dust, air pollution and sea salt. Operators are aware that contaminants cause faster asset degradation but lack accurate quantification of contaminant exposure and its implications for asset maintenance and availability.

DECISIONX:FLEET manages the impact of the atmospheric environment on mobile and static assets on land or in the air. DECISIONX:FLEET enables smarter condition monitoring by tracking exposure to atmospheric contaminants and climatic effects, allowing for more accurate prediction of maintenance requirements and preventing costly unforeseen asset degradation (a market worth $20.48 billion in aviation [2017 figures]). By helping users to understand the risks posed to their assets by localised and atmospheric conditions, DECISIONX:FLEET improves asset availability and lifetime while reducing key metrics such as fuel burn, cost of maintenance, and overall cost of ownership. Customers for DECISIONX:FLEET have included Airbus, Safran, Lufthansa Technik, and Rolls-Royce.


Robert Nash

Senior Business Development Manager


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