** Spotlight on SILCOMS Ltd**



Welcome to Silcoms Ldt who joined the ADS Toulouse Office in May 2023.

Please find out more about Silcoms Ltd below.

Silcoms Ltd is the United Kingdom’s leading supplier, by value and volume, of machined rings to the aero engine industry. The company manufactures rings, casings, seals, shrouds and segments for customers in Europe, Asia and North America, including Rolls-Royce, Kawasaki, and Siemens.
We specialise in producing complex rings from nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and aluminium. The company’s core competence is for components in the size range 150mm diameter to 2000mm diameter. Silcoms offers a complete service including, design and procurement of forgings, kitting and NADCAP approved, treatments and sub-tiers.

Large Diameter Thin Wall Ring

Silcoms specialises in machining large diameter thin wall rings. We supply parts up to 2000mm diameter with wall sections as thin as 1mm. We have many years experience of controlling distortion and stress, designing work holding, design for manufacture and design of near net shape forgings.

Parts are supplied for all sections of the engine, from the fan through compressor, combustor, turbine to exhaust as well as nacelles. Programmes include the Trent family, JSF and V2500.
Lean principles are used throughout, enabling us to be very responsive and agile with lead times kept to a minimum (less than 6 weeks for complex rings).

Honeycomb Seals and Shrouds

Silcoms has over 20 years experience of manufacturing honeycomb seals and shrouds for numerous applications including BR700 range of engines, TP400, GP7000, PW1100 and PW6000 in a variety of nickel alloys and supplied as full rings, half rings or segments.

The honeycomb is manufactured and brazed by a network of specialist partners within a 20 mile radius. The seal diameters, whether plane or stepped, are machined in house.

Rotating and Static Seals

Rotating and static seals for all sections of the engine are supplied. We are the sole suppliers of Fan Rear Rotating seals on the Trent family of engines.

Sizes range up to 1500 mm diameter and are machined from close to size forgings. Rotating seals are balanced in house.



If you’d like more information on Silcoms, please feel free to reach out to:

Clive Winby – Commercial Director
E-mail clive.winby@silcoms.co.uk