** Spotlight on TATA Technologies **

New Innovation centre in Hamburg, Germany

Emphasizing Product Innovation and Digitalization in the Aerospace & Defense Industry.


After establishing an Innovation center in Toulouse, France, Tata Technologies has now opened another one in Hamburg, Germany, close to its aerospace customers. Hamburg is the third-largest center for civil aviation globally, with a presence of global aerospace manufacturers and innovative suppliers. Through its Innovation center in Hamburg, Tata Technologies, a global product engineering and digital services company, aims to support its aerospace & defense customers’ new-age product engineering & digital requirements.

With three decades of engineering expertise, Tata Technologies has worked with global aerospace customers on various strategic projects, including product engineering, manufacturing engineering, and customer services engineering. Tata Technologies is engaged in all aero-structural aspects and is working on aerostructures, fuselage, doors, wiring harnesses, primary and secondary structures, among others. Additionally, the company provides engine performance analytics for commercial aircraft engines.

Tata Technologies has a center of excellence for cabin design, which includes designing interior galleys, seats, infotainment systems, among others. The company also conducts manufacturing engineering, designing the product’s manufacturing process. This involves work on production jigs, tools, fixtures, shop floor layout, etc., bringing significant productivity improvements.

With the strong dynamics in the passenger-to-freighter (P2F) space, Tata Technologies has been delivering P2F conversion engineering solutions for many years. In addition, the company works closely with OEMs / Tier 1 for repair reviews and non-conformity reviews and offers data analytics services for condition-based monitoring. Tata Technologies is also doing a lot of work in the digital Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) space. The company is developing its MRO solution as digitalization of the MRO value chain is a market opportunity.

Tata Technologies will be present at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX)-2023 and Paris Air Show-2023. Both these global events provide an excellent opportunity for Tata Technologies to interact with other global and innovative players from the aerospace world.

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