Gardner Aerospace is one of the aerospace industry’s largest OEM independent manufacturers of finished machined and fabricated Detail Parts made from hard and soft metals. ​​Gardner Aerospace has generated almost 200m USD of revenues in 2022.

Most OEM and Tier 1 customers also take advantage of Gardner’s sizable assembly, kitting and/or large-scale speed shop services. Gardner Aerospace is located in 9 modern aerospace approved manufacturing sites (UK, France, Poland, India and China).

Gardner Aerospace provides end-to-end vertically integrated in-house manufacturing capabilities to reduce the need for sub-contracting. Their well-invested facilities enable the production of a wide range of detail parts and complex multi-product work packages. Gardner Aerospace prides itself in investing in capabilities to increase efficiency, repeatability and quality through structured New Part Introduction programs and has a reputation focused on our delivery and responsiveness levels.

Gardner Aerospace produces parts ranging from ¼ inch to 26 meters in length and currently produce assemblies ranging from five to 750 components. Whether customers are looking for bespoke solutions to complex problems or mass-manufacturing and processing for existing components, the teams have the experience and expertise to implement these projects.


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The company is a founder member of the ADS Toulouse office and an important element of creation and establishment of the bureau in 1999.