ADS Toulouse Newsletter 14 – November 2023


Dear all,

As we enter the last two months of the year, we can state that 2023 was truly a year of opportunity for sector growth.

In October, we were very proud to welcome so many of you to our ADS Toulouse reception. We want to thank our sponsors again for their support. Our Annual Event is always a very special evening, a true highlight of our events calendar and we were delighted to celebrate and strengthen the longstanding cooperation between our UK and French industries.

Our ADS Toulouse presence in France continues to grow and we are extremely grateful for the enduring support we receive from key French players and the strong connections we have built with them, opening many new opportunities for our members.

Throughout 2023 and beyond we will continue to work with our ADS Toulouse members through a collaborative and collective approach to ensure a more resilient supply chain that is ready to support the ongoing rate ramp-up and to remain focused on the crucial challenges of our sectors. Collaborative approaches will help us overcome challenges, fully accomplish our future ambitions to deliver clean and sustainable aviation while achieving the full potential of our exciting sectors.

While we wait for the Christmas spirit to arrive, we wish you all a good end to 2023!

Bonne lecture.


Marie Margaux Honikman
ADS Toulouse Director