ADS Toulouse Newsletter 16 – April 2024


Dear all,

If the industry was already revitalized in 2023, 2024 appears to be a pivotal year for the entire sector
with sustainable, low-carbon transformation and technological advances observed. Ramping-up and keeping a safe,
mature, robust and collaborative supply chain are the focus for the Aerospace industry for this year as it pursues the
race towards unprecedented production rates.

While we are continuously pursuing aerospace supply chain excellence, we are also developing new opportunities in
the space sector in the second quarter of the year. With a flourishing space community in the region, we are looking
forward to hosting our first bilateral seminar taking place on May 21 with a focus on securing UK advantage and improving
Franco-UK connections.

However, our flagship moment this year will be the celebration of our 25th anniversary on October 3rd. This represents the
importance of relationships across the channel and the strong connections that have been established over the last two decades.
We would like to thank Airbus and the French Tier 1 supply chain for all their support.

But before then, we have the long-awaited Farnborough International Airshow in July. Convening a global audience, we will
enjoy catching up with all our member companies and meeting key players in the sector.

Finally, I am thrilled to present our two new members – Apollo Aerospace Components and Tech Mahindra – who have joined recently.
As always, we are very pleased to share with you our members’ news below and highlight their great expertise.

Bonne lecture,


Marie Margaux Honikman
ADS Toulouse Director