ADS Toulouse Newsletter 15 – Januray 2024

Dear all,

Reflecting back on the past year, 2023 has been an outstanding journey, far exceeding the recovery progress
we saw for our beloved Aerospace Industry in 2022.

In the past three years we have seen an extraordinary pace of change for our sectors and with the global
footprint of our industries. It is more important than ever to work together, strengthen our collaboration, seize
new opportunities, and address our most pressing priorities: Net Zero, the need for a renewed industrial
strategy, an increasingly unstable geopolitical environment and securing a workforce fit for the future.

For the ADS Toulouse Office, we are, of course, eagerly anticipating our 25th Anniversary Celebrations in
October at our Annual Event. In the coming months, we will launch new ventures, expanding our Space
sector activity with a kick-off event in May, alongside additional support to members to drive supply chain
excellence and deliver on sustainability efforts.

As always, we are very pleased to share with you our members’ news below and highlight their great
As the first month of the year draws to a close, I wish you a healthy, joyful and blessed new year for you and
your loved ones.

Bonne lecture.

Marie Margaux Honikman
ADS Toulouse Director