ADS Toulouse Newsletter No 4 – January 2021


Dear All

Just a year ago, we were entering into a crisis that has significantly and deeply changed our world in 2020.

The uncertainty of Brexit and of the Covid19 pandemic has challenged us all more than ever and I would like to take the opportunity of the New Year to congratulate our ADS Toulouse members for their resilience and adaptation and to thank them for the renewal of their confidence for 2021. Thanks to their collaboration we will continue our mission and will remain committed to support their business development and grow the UK aerospace expertise in France.

I would like to also address my recognition and great thanks to all our contacts and partners in France, the aerospace community, for continuing to work together with us and preserve the Franco-British business relationship.

In this first edition of our Newsletter in 2021, let me wish you all the best success for a year which will be undoubtedly intense.

Let’s keep our energy and be audacious.

Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon,

Sophie Morel