ADS Toulouse Newsletter 5 – APRIL 2021


Dear all,

As we continue through the second quarter of 2021, I would like to introduce this newsletter with positive words highlighting our industry priorities today. The objective is to reconnect the world and aviation must perform and play its part in the energy transition. This ambition is very challenging, but ups and downs make us progress faster and the shortest distance is not always the fastest. It is worth overcoming.

As we look to the future, it has never been more crucial to adapt, be agile, meet our commitments and be aligned with the digital transformation. At ADS Toulouse, the continuous support of our members and the growing number of companies joining us is a demonstration of their involvement in France and in Europe more globally.

The first quarter has been very active for us and we will continue our mission in supporting our company member’s resilience and energy to participate to the industry recovery and success. Further collaboration and partnership will be required to meet this challenge.

Let’s keep connected and together.

Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon,

Sophie Morel
ADS Toulouse Director