ADS Toulouse – NEWSLETTER 7 – OCTOBER 2021

Dear all,

We are now approaching the end of 2021 and the last quarter of the year has been very busy for our members community as you will see in our members news section below.

It has also been very active at ADS Toulouse with a full programme of visits, conferences and working breakfasts with the major aerospace players including Airbus and Safran. If our role is to facilitate access for our members to the French aerospace OEMs and Supply Chain, ADS Toulouse should also be an easily accessible bridge for our French contacts to reach and understand the UK Supply Chain from SMEs to larger members.

We are thrilled to announce that helicopters and space sectors will be part of our priorities for next year. We will also be expanding our members’ interests beyond France and into a broader Europe. These endeavours are still in their infancy and further news will come in the next edition.

Competitiveness, operational excellence, sustainability and long-term view will be part of the focus for our company members to prepare the ramp-up and the additional demand from the market to integrate the whole ecosystem.

Sustainable, green, and light aircraft will also draw our attention next year.

In a word, 2022 promises to be a busy but exciting year of major and challenging projects and ADS Toulouse will continue to support its members and help them access the opportunities they bring.

In the meantime, I wish you all a successful end of the year, and look forward to catching up again for our first edition in 2022.

Sophie Morel
ADS Toulouse Director