ADS Toulouse newsletter #8 FEBRUARY 2022

Dear all

As we begin 2022, we can sense the optimism in the air including from IATA’s Director General Willie Walsh who recently predicted a healthier industry with the resumption of the global air traffic expected to last all year.

We believe 2022 is the year of three 2s: the recovery of Aerospace, “2 “the transformation of Aerospace, “2” a sustainable Aerospace.

At ADS Toulouse we are supporting our UK members in their efforts to be considered as trusted partners and fully part of the industrial transformation and global recovery. In this long-term endeavour companies and players must work together internationally to succeed.

We are very happy to confirm some success stories amongst them that you will read below in the news dedicated section.

This year we have an exciting programme of events which has already started in January and amongst our priorities will be helicopters, space, security, and the emerging sectors of UAM, eVTOL etc. without neglecting civil aerospace.

Last but not least, we are thrilled to announce that our ADS Toulouse Annual Event is back this year with a new revised edition after the summer. Stay tuned!

Bonne route pour 2022 and look forward to seeing you all!

Sophie Morel
ADS Toulouse Director